Recommended trips to take within the area

Our experience is to immerse yourself in the landscape of the Judean Hills, surrounded by conscious luxury, combining comfort, food, nature, escapism and history. We invite you to compliment your stay with an exclusive dinner in our dining room or on your terrace, a picnic in the surrounding nature, a sound bath, a yoga class; our team will curate your escape, based on your needs.

Take advantage of the beautiful nature surrounding Sitopia and start your day with a morning walk – either with our local guide or on your own.

Walk into one of Mate Yehuda’s many forests, and engage in the practice of forest bathing, a slow mindful walk in nature, where you pay close attention to your surroundings, using your senses. There is no destination or goal other than to notice and appreciate your surroundings.

Soak, bathe dip, and swim in our heated pool to enjoy a bathing experience all year round & flush out any unwanted stress from your week by stepping into our steam room.

Relax and unwind with an on-site massage. Your massage must be pre ordered.

Take a picnic, lay by a river, wander in the forest, swing on the hill, walk or buggy anywhere across our nature’s routes. Your picnic must be pre ordered.

Providing both shaded relaxation and sun, enjoy the peace and quiet on your terrace.

Immerse Yourself In Every Corner Of Our Home And The Landscape

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Recommended trips to take within the area

Your adventures at Sitopia will more than likely involve wine, food, history, adventure, wellness and nature. It is our pleasure to help you create the perfect stay in the Mateh Yehuda region.